Guild Rules

1BE NICE & SHOW RESPECT!! This not only includes your guildmates but the entire P99 community.
2Register on our forums "" and make a post with your name to the roster list board.
3Stay /anon if you are not able to fulfil a port request as your top priority especially if AFK, have many ports queued or engaged in XPing/camping that you cannot instantly leave. Also do not use /role.
4Greed will not be tolerated of any kind! You may set your own prices for ports or other services, but do not argue with a client over the fare received if the price was not agreed upon initially. You will get stiffed from time to time but just bite your tongue and move on.
5While you may choose to refuse certain ports we do not have a shared no-fly list and no one may threaten to blacklist someone from the whole guild.
6You must add <Dial a Port> to your porting message as it's a way we advertise the guild.
7Avoid the words "donations" or "tips" when advertising your services as we are a pay-for-port service and those words can have mixed meanings. We do however encourage members to advertise free CRs and help lowbies and new members as much as possible.
8Keep politics, religion and other highly controversial topics out of guild chat. Anything that imposes a strong belief upon others is not an acceptable topic in a guild with as many diverse members as we have.
9For the peace of mind and privacy of our members please keep guild chat and our internal forum content out of the public domain. This includes broadcasting /gu when streaming.
10We move everyone up to officer in-game so that every member is able to recruit and invite. Contact the Guild Leaders (On Blue : Taxidiotis/Kitrinos and on Green Faumumno or Ayleth) if you need to be promoted. This is for invite privileges only and does not represent an actual Guild Officer.

Last rules update: September 23, 2020

Any questions and concerns please contact any of our Guild Officers.